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Best Ringtones for Apple iPhone

Mobile ringtones are defined as musical notes, songs, hymns, dialogues etc that alert the mobile owner to an incoming call, text and multimedia messages etc. iPhone, a product of Apple, is one of the most popular mobile phones in the market at the moment. Although iPhone performs a number of different functions for its owner, some of the most common ones are browsing the internet, listening to music, recording and storing video clips and images and making video calls. Some of iPhone's distinctive features are its touch screen, larger memory, flexibility, ability to multitask, longer battery life, faster access, and smaller size. Moreover, the sleek and chic look of iPhone has made it all the more popular in mobile users around the world. In addition to the various distinctive features of iPhone highlighted above, mobile users have the option of choosing a mobile ringtone that differentiates them from the crowd. Every one wants to have a catchy mobile ringtone that sets them apart from the crowd.
Creating Tones for Your iPhone
A number of websites offer free mobile ring tones for iPhone users. However, a large percentage of the target market (especially the younger generation) does not want popular and common mobile sounds but want to come up with their very own, for example, making a medley of his/her favorite songs. Following are some steps that any iPhone user can follow to make ring tones from your favorite tracks:
The first step to create a ringtone for your iPhone is to open iTunes and search your favorite song(s) from which you want to create your ring tone.
Listen to the track once to ascertain which part you would want to use in the ringtone for your iPhone. In most cases, choruses are a very good and convenient starting point for this purpose. Note the start and the stop time for the audio or video clip, after which you right click the song and get the information regarding the song.
Type the start and stop times in the appropriate text boxes. Choose the option to convert selection to AAC section; iTunes will then create a duplicated version of the song. Right click ringtone, select delete and then select the 'keep files' option. You will find the file in your user folder and it will be in the mp4 format. Don't forget to double click the song before synchronizing it.
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