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Will Your iPhone 4 Case Fit The Verizon iPhone?

Apple and Verizon recently announced the launch of the much awaited iPhone for the Verizon network. This new iPhone, whilst looking exactly the same as the iPhone 4 has had a couple of minor changes made to it. What do these changes mean for those people wanting to purchase accessories for their new Verizon iPhone, and in particular for those people wishing to move from the AT&T network to Verizon?
Differences Between the iPhone 4 and the New iPhone for the Verizon Network
First, let us look at the changes that Apple have made to the Verizon iPhone. According to a number of blogs and websites the new iPhone is exactly the same as the iPhone 4 except for a minor repositioning of the external antenna and the slight relocation of the Mute and On/Off buttons. The antenna changes have resulted in the repositioning of the gaps between the external antennas (a new gap has appeared just above the Mute button) and the volume buttons, whilst still on the left hand side, have been moved ever so slightly down the phone (presumably to accommodate the antenna change).
Can You Use iPhone 4 Cases on the Verizon iPhone?
Most likely not is the simple answer. Whilst the repositioning of the external antenna will probably have minimal impact the relocation of the Mute and On/Off buttons will. Most of the cases being designed and manufactured at the moment are precision made and therefore have been designed to exactly fit the external features of the iPhone 4.
The slight change in the positioning of the external buttons will mean that cases designed for the iPhone 4 will not fit the new iPhone designed for the Verizon network. In particular iPhone 4 cases that have separate holes for the Mute and On/Off buttons will certainly not fit the Verizon iPhone.
iPhone 4 cases that have a full opening to accommodate the Mute and On/Off buttons may fit the new iPhone however, do not be surprised if the case does not fit perfectly. Owners of leather pouches and flip-cases looking to purchase the Verizon iPhone should be unaffected.
When Will the New Cases be Available?
A number of iPhone case suppliers have announced that they will be modifying their iPhone 4 case designs to take into account the subtle changes. These cases will be available from 11 February 2011 to coincide with the release of the much anticipated Verizon iPhone.
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