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All About Android Launcher Themes

If you've installed any of the many launchers available in the Android Market, you've probably seen multiple mentions of theming. If you've wondered what it is, you're not alone - there are a lot of people who have no idea what theming is, even after they begin using a custom launcher. We'll look to cover the most important aspects of Android launcher themes here, so that you have a better understanding of what they can do for you.
Themes Can Change Almost Everything
Your icons, wallpaper, and dock settings can all be changed with a launcher theme. They have a great deal of power behind them, and can completely overhaul the appearance of your device. One popular theme for GO Launcher is the iPhone theme. It replaces your dock with icons inspired by the iOS dock, and gives an iOS theme to all of the icons in your app drawer and on your homescreens. It even changes your wallpaper to an iPhone theme. In short, it replaces your stale layout.
But They Can't Change Everything
Themes can only affect so many elements of your phone. All of those elements have to be integrated into the launcher. That means that things like your notification bar, the looks of certain apps and your lock screen are all left untouched by a theme. If you want to change those, you need to flash a custom ROM, which is in a different league of difficulty compared to installing a theme.
They Can Be Based on Anything
Take a look in the Market for LauncherPro things, or load up GO Launcher and visit their GO Store. You'll see a lot of themes, such as iPhone and Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) themes. But not all themes follow the same design principles. Some are just based on colors, while some are seemingly-random collections of elements.
Themes Aren't Universal
You installed ADW, now you've switched to LauncherPro. Suddenly, that ADW theme you loved in ADW is no longer available. This is because themes are built specific to different launchers. If you're using one launcher, and install a theme for a different launcher from the Market, it won't be compatible. If the theme you are looking at isn't made for your launcher, your best bet is to search for a comparable one that is.
Anybody Can Make Them
If you're dead-set on having a certain theme but can't find it, you can always create your own. It requires at least fundamental knowledge of Photoshop or other image editing software, but beyond that it's not a complicated process. Check the website for your favorite launcher and chances are you'll be able to find tutorials on building your own themes.
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