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1. DROPBOX (Free)
Backup your files or share documents. Dropbox is an app that syncs your files between your computers and your mobile device. It's an easy way to just not access files in your Dropbox folder, but also upload files from your phone.
  • make your stuff available anywhere, on any device
  • save photos, docs or email attachments in your Dropbox folder
  • share your docs or photos with other people
  • easily edit your Dropbox docs
2. EVERNOTE (Free)
Make your Android device an extension of your brain. Evernote is an award winning app that will let you bookmark and recall everything that happens in your life. You can put everything into Evernote, ideas, notes, recordings and snapshots, all your bookmarks will instantly synchronize from your phone to your online Evernote account and your PC or Mac.
  • sync your stuff across all your devices
  • save and edit to-do's, notes, tasks
  • record voice notes
  • organize stuff in notebooks, put tags
  • save email notes and tweets
  • share stuff via Facebook or Twitter
3. PHONELOCATOR PRO (Paid: $2.80)
Keep your Android device secure. PhoneLocator Pro is the safest Android tracking app that will give you the ability to retrieve your lost or misplaced device by remotely controlling it through SMS messages. PhoneLocator Pro is the only tracking app available that will do the job even if the phone's data connection has been turned off, which is most likely to happen if your device gets stolen.
  • tracking with position on Google Maps
  • remote lock
  • set device auto-lock if an unauthorized SIM card is inserted
  • remotely wipe personal data
  • receive call logs from your device
  • forward text messages
  • make your phone ring at max volume
4. WHATSAPP (Free)
Extremely useful smartphone to smartphone instant messenger. WhatsApp is available for all platforms, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows so it's the perfect solution to exchange messages with any of your friends or contacts without having to pay for SMS. No need to add buddies, WhatsApp scans your phonebook and automatically creates contacts based on their phone number. To send and receive messages, or share files, Whatsapp uses your existing internet data plan or WiFi, if available.
  • send text, video, images, voice notes
  • group conversations
  • works with pone numbers, no pins or usernames required
  • offline messages
  • share location, contacts
  • custom wallpaper
Get thousands of free books and over 100 newspapers and magazines on your android phone. Kindle for Android app has a beautiful and easy to use UI and will let you access more than 900.000 books in the Kindle Store, without a Kindle.
  • access Kindle store
  • buy, read and sync
  • free book samples
  • instant dictionary word lookup
  • search inside books
6. PULSE (Free)
Make news reading on your phone fun and engaging. Pulse is an excellent news reader that will really change your way of viewing news. You can select from a list of predefined topics or input new feeds of their own. After you setup your feeds, Pulse Reader will display them in a unique 'colorful mosaic'. There's also support for feeds based on your friends Facebook, Twitter profiles, as well as YouTube, Flicker, Digg or PicPlz.
  • all your news in one place
  • dual view: clean summary or go to website
  • sync offline
  • easy news sharing via email, Facebook and Twitter
  • integration and sync with Google Reader
7. SOUNDHOUND (Paid: $4.99)
Identify songs by holding your phone in the direction of a speaker or artist. This app will identify the song with lyrics and artist info. SoundHound is the fastest music search and discovery app.
  • instant lyrics and artist info
  • home screen widget
  • voice search
8. APP2SD PRO (Paid: $1.49)
More phone internal storage. Installing apps could make you run out of internal phone memory, APP2SD is a great app that will check each and every app you install if can be moved to SD card. The process is done automatically on new apps and a notification will pop-up if the app can be transferred to the SD card. App2SD is essential for memory management issues.
  • movable apps list
  • non-movable apps list
  • move one or more app to SD card and back
  • notifications when new movable app is installed
  • uninstall apps
  • show app info
  • customizable notifications
  • show app cache total size
  • show storage size
To install any of these apps on your Android smartphone is an easy process. All you have to do is to register a Google Android Market account based on your Google account, type the name of the app in the search field, download and click install.
The list could be bigger, but this depends on each user, if you are a social network addict you can go next for Facebook or Twitter apps, if you are a tech junkie you will find a lot of great tools to tweak your phone, the next step is your choice. We have been testing all sorts of free and paid apps and eventually, these are the essential 8 apps that should be installed first on any new Android phone.
Hope you liked our article and found our list useful.
Author: Jeremy Wright | Senior Editor
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