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If you are looking at a family park you want to make sure the park is safe and clean and safe. Some basic ways to keep a park safe include doing a tenant screening to screen out registered sex offenders who should not be living in a park with children. Other safety precautions to look for include having any attractive hazards such as a pool fenced off and protected against children entering without an adult. Most pools won't have a lifeguard on duty so if you are looking at a park with a pool you will need to make sure your children understand to stay out of the pool area without you or an adult with them for their own safety. Most parks understand that a pool is an attractive but potentially dangerous area for children and take plenty of precautions to make as safe as possible.
When you're looking at the available home rentals in the park take a look at the neighboring homes and see if there are children in the same age range as yours. Although it shouldn't rule out a home if the kids are not the same age as your own it does make it nicer if your children have easy access to playmates and often times parents with kids the same age are more tolerate of any issues that may arise.
It is highly recommended that you do a few drives through the park at different times of the day and week to ensure the park is what you expect. Unless you are convinced the space you want will be taken if you don't rent on the spot take a few days to make sure the park will be a good long term fit. A park that I quiet during the weekday afternoons but be loud on weekends and evenings which may not be a good fit for you. If you do a few drive through and repeatedly see things that violate the park rules happening like cars being worked on and music blasting you should assume the park management is lax and any issues that arise later on may not be adequately addressed by management.
If you are looking at an adult only park you should assume the park will be run in a quiet and orderly fashion. Guest under a set age are often allowed to visit for a set period of time but if you see more guest than you are comfortable with talk to the management to get a feel for how many younger visitors are generally there and for how long. Seeing more grandchildren during spring break may not be the norm if normally there are only a handful of children visiting on weekends.
Whatever park you end up deciding on make sure your decision is based on enough accurate information to make a realistic assessment of the place you plan to call home.
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