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android galaxy tab

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is here and ready to challenge the iPad as a serious competitor in the Tablet market. As a long term user of Samsung products I have always been satisfied with their quality and features. Their recent smartphones have been getting great reviews for all major tech mags and blogs. With that being said let's get to the tab!
The Samsung Galaxy is powered by the Android 2.2 operating system which automatically integrates the system with Google apps and technology. The tab comes prefigured with T-mobile's prepaid data plan. If you choose a contract it's also available through T-mobile.
I'm really impressed with the wireless capabilities that are included with the tablet. The tablet features 3g speed and the wireless connection is super quick. It's so fast at times it almost feels like you are connected via Ethernet. If 16gbs of space isn't enough you can upgrade up to a 32g micro SD card.
Let's not forget the 7 inch multitouch screen which makes picture viewing and movies highly enjoyable as well as making the tab extremely portable. For larger images you can always connect the video output hdmi through the dock. You can also integrate your outlook email easily and move through most applications with no problem.
This Samsung Galaxy review should give you at least some idea as to what to expect features wise. I can't say enough about this Tab. Samsung is a great brand that continues to make great products and with the Galaxy Tab they continue the great line.
Jay White
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