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Android Training: A Launch Pad For A Brewing Future.

There are more than 250 programming languages but only few are known and embraced by the market.Every new language mended the loopholes of the existing languages. Its rightly said that necessity isthe mother of invention. Lack of modularity in the ancestors of c made C Language, such hotcake in the industry .So is the platform independency of JAVA that led its undisputed monopoly in the late 90s.

When we talk about the Mobile programming, it is a completely untouched domain. The reason being the secrecy of hardware technology maintained by the mobile manufacturing companies. The companies used to keep the development activities under a close loop. A freelancer could never thought even in his dreams to ever code for mobile applications. The obvious reason being the licensing and contingencies of the existing technologies being used in those days. Such secretive policies of the
companies which were devised for revenue generation and for leading the way towards an undisputed supremacy finally proved to be the last nail on their coffins. A new buzzword from the open source community ANDROID has become the new avatar and a boon to the budding developers.

ANDROID hit the market emphatically and in mere 3 years of its advent, Android apps have captured 50% of the mobile market. Not only its giving a tough fight to stringencies from the competitors but providing a soothing environment for the masses to work and contribute to the development of applications. Today anyone, having a basic know-how of JAVA, can start Android programming and give shapes to the ideas generating in their minds . From mobile games to browsers to Gtalk , Social networking applications to Google Map apps . The field is unlimited and lucrative too . the pool of fresh engineers passing every year in bulks from different engineering colleges in India , remain jobless in spite of hard work. ANDROID paves a smooth way to a bright future , companies are sprouting in Hyderabad and southern hubs of the Indian subcontinent that pays in 6 figures to adept programmers .Being new technology and in such a glaring demand ,the day is not far when universities will introduce ANDROID to their curriculum.

CETPA Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Is a renowned organization, unimpeachably providing training on 21 cutting edge technologies since last 9 years. With wide research and Analysis, it has launched an academically tailored program on ANDROID with project . It is getting overwhelming response from the engineering students. Apart from the training at CETPA campus , for 2 day workshops events at college premises,college management, student clubs /societies can contact at CETPA InfoTech, Android has became an obvious choice for budding engineers and proving out to be a gateway to their dreams.
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