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Android's Market Share In U.s. Was 40% In June

The international market research firm said the market share of Google Android platform in June in the U.S. increased from 38 percent in May to 40%. Apple iOS's market share was 26.6%, ranking the second. 

Google Android operating system may face many legal proceedings, but its market share still ranked the highest in the U.S. It is estimated that by the end of June in 2011, the U.S. smart phone users are 78.5 million, a growth of 8%. 
In the June of this year, 30,000 mobile phone users are investigated. The survey shows that benefit from the sales of a large number of operators and hundreds of Android phones in the market, Android's share in June increased from 38% in May to 40%. Apple iOS ranked the second place with a market share of 26.6%. 

A few days ago, Analysys said Android accounts for 48 percent of the global market share. Apple iOS's global share is 19%. After Samsung Verizon Wireless, AT & T and Sprint carriers released Galaxy S II Mobile in this summer, the battle between Android and iPhone will open a new chapter. The sales of Samsung's new mobile phone exceeded five million units in less than 90 days. 

It is expected that Apple will launch iPhone 5 in the September or October. iPhone 5 will configure a faster processor, new body design, running iOS 5. Analysys said that iPhone 5 will help Apple to strengthen its strong position in the second half of 2011. 

In the June, RIM BlackBerry platform continued to decline, from 24.7% in May fell to 23.4%. The phone companies want to boost its share of smart phones by the release of new Blackberry 7 OS platform in the end of this month. The new products include an upgraded BlackBerry Torch and the Bold. 

The market share of Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system is 5.8%. Analysts predicted that Microsoft's smart phone shipments in the second quarter will be less than 1.5 million. Its global market share is only 1%. Microsoft believes that once Mango smart phones go to the market this fall, it will soon change the status quo.

The market share of Google Android in major countries of Europe and America is more than 50%. Google's market share in the United States, Australia and major European countries reached 50.6%. Although Apple's iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS are only sold, but its share in Europe is still more than 25%.

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