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Apple iPhone 3G Insurance - Is The Extra Cost Worth It?

Communication is everything today. That is why the phone manufacturers have always tried to make phones smarter and faster. In the last few years they managed to do that. Apple was the first company that made smart phones capable of browsing the Internet just like a computer, amongst other features. As time rolled by, more and more advanced phones were released, like the Apple iPhone 3G. But since the price tag is so large on this iPhone, is it worth getting an insurance for it?
Since the iPhone 3G is a very beautiful and expensive phone, it attracts a lot of unwanted attention. Not only that, but the slick design of the phone and its size make it pretty vulnerable to stealing. It can be easily snatched from a pocket as it will slide right out.
The pretty big size of the 3G also makes it very easy to drop on the ground, especially for someone with small hands. And even though Apple claims they are very sturdy phones, I can assure you that dropping an Apple iPhone on the ground will damage it.
When you look at it this way, you would say that it is worth getting an Apple iPhone 3G insurance. But most of us say that things like this will never happen to us. You hear a friend of yours lost his phone, or it got stolen, and you think to yourself that things like that won't be something you will have to worry about.
While that may be true, because not everyone loses their phones, you still have to take this into consideration. If you believe that losing your phone will not be a problem financially or logistically, you don't have to get an insurance. In fact, you shouldn't because even though the monthly rates are low, they still add up to good sums of money every year.
You should get your iPhone 3G insured if you think that you won't afford another if something bad happens to it. Then it will be worth the monthly rates and you can be at ease when something happens to your phone.
Not only that, but there is also a question of age. If you are a grown man with a normal life, than such an insurance might not be needed. But if you are younger and like to party hard and are always on the run, then getting an insurance for your iPhone 3G insurance might not be such a bad idea.
From my point of view, you should only get an Apple iPhone 3G insurance if you believe that you will lose your phone at some point. That way it will be worth the extra cash every month.
Don't grab the first insurance you find. There are great companies out there with very good coverage and very low rates.

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