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How to Protect Files in iPhone

iPhone - either it is the next wonder of the world or just a flop? This question has been hotly debated in social as well as in legal circles. People are curious to know how much the files that they keep in their iPhones are secure. No doubt it is the most hyped cell phone in the market with loads of appealing features yet it has some flaws and one of the major drawbacks of iPhone is the absence of security for the files, folders and private stuff that people save in it.
Sometimes, it is just too necessary to hide and protect some information from the prying eyes; and yes of course we have rights to decide what information we want to share and what information we want to keep secret.
Protecting your iPhone files - your music, your video, your pictures, and your PDF documents - seems like an apparent thing that people might want to do. Now the question is how to protect your confidential data in your iPhone from others.
As now we are more dependent on computers and so much of our lives are saved on our operating systems and laptops, we need to make sure that we protect our files and folders and backup confidential and important data just in case something wrong happens. Same approach goes with your iPhone. If you are saving some of your important files in your little cute gadget, you must keep them safe and secure from meddling eyes. There is no second opinion that you must safeguard and protect your files and documents especially if your business relies on them. You cannot simply leave them unprotected and you know why.
iPhone users were agitated because they were not able to find out a good security application that can protect their files in iPhone. So I decided to figure out what works best in protecting files in iPhone and which app offers most useful feature which an iPhone user may want. After the much research, I could not find any security app that would fulfill my requirements, I was about to give up but then one day I received a newsletter saying a new iPhone app has been launched. So I thought to give it a try too.
I downloaded it from iTunes App Store and started to use it to see how it does work and what features does it possess? Here is a small summary of its features:
  • Easy to use application
  • User-friendly and very attractive interface
  • Versatile security for all my files, folders, pictures, videos, music and all the other stuff that anyone can save in iPhone
  • Automatic sorting of protected files in relevant categories for easy access
  • Easy way to transfer files between PC/MAC and iPhone
  • Automatically detects Wi-Fi connectivity and guides you accordingly
  • Easily view, rename, delete and transfer protected files
  • Internet downloading that lets you download files directly from the internet to your iPhone
  • Playlist option available to let you listen all your favorite songs in a row
  • Picture and Document Viewer so that you can easily view your password protected pictures and files
  • Powerful hack attempt monitoring that prevents hackers to hack into the application
  • Creates a Log of all invalid password attempts so that you can monitor who and when hacking attempt was made; and much more
How to Protect Files in iPhone
With Folder Lock for iPhone, it is very easy to protect files in iPhone. All you need to do is transfer the files that you want to protect, from your PC or MAC to your iPhone. For this you will need Wi-Fi connectivity. If you have Wi-Fi activated on your iPhone as well on your PC or MAC, a hint window with an IP and port will appear when you log in the application. Simply enter this IP and port into your web browser, Web Server Interface of this app will appear that lets you transfer files from your PC or MAC to your iPhone. Select the files you want to transfer and Voila!

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