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How to Sell iPhone Apps - 3 Steps to Make Money Selling Your Apps Online

Over 30 million iPhones have been purchased so far, meaning you have a perfect opportunity to sell an app to a huge audience and make money online.
But where do you get started selling an iPhone app? Learn the 3 steps you need to take if you want to make and sell apps and find out tips for boosting your sales along the way.
Step 1. Create an iPhone app
The first step to successfully selling your app is to make a product worth buying. While this may sound obvious, development is one of the most important parts of the process if you want to make money later.
You first need to have an original idea that will get customers excited. Then, you can either learn how to write the code yourself - there are many helpful websites and books available to teach you how to do it - or you can hire a developer to do it for you.
Step 2. Submit it to the App Store
Apple's App Store is a thriving marketplace for customers to find and buy your software so it is important for you to sell your app there as soon as you complete development.
Before you start selling your app, Apple must first approve it. Visit their website and carefully read the rules for submitting your software before you send it in. After approval, you can begin selling your app and making money on the App Store.
Step 3. Marketing your app
Your job is not done once you receive your approval, however. To sell more apps, you must start marketing it to potential customers.
There are many ways to promote your product online and boost your sales, including many free marketing tactics. For example, you can submit your app to review sites. While not every review site will write about you, it can be an effective way to promote iPhone apps like yours without spending any money.
More and more iPhones are being sold every day, and buyers all want the latest apps for it. If you want to make money by selling apps to this growing audience, follow these 3 steps to make and sell your app today.
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