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In this guide we will look at how to activate and set up your new iPhone. If you have bought the iPhone from a service provider such as O2 or Orange then you plan should be already in place before you receive the iPhone. If you have bought just the phone itself then you must choose a service plan with an phone service carrier and network. Contact your phone retailer or mobile service provider for more information on plans.
Once you have chosen you mobile provider you can begin the task of setting up the iPhone, this is done using iTunes. During the setup you are able to create a new Apple ID or select and existing Apple ID for making purchases with iPhone. This might be for music, iPhone 4 skins, iPhone 3gs cases or videos. iTunes also store the serial number of your iPhone for safety and in case you need it for reference.
Here is a quick step guide to setting up the iPhone:
  • Download and install the latest version of iTunes, this can be found at the iTunes store
  • Connect the iPhone to a USB 2.0 port on your Mac or PC using the cable that came with your iPhone package
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
  • In the setup screen, select 'Automatically sync contacts, calendars and bookmarks' to configure those features to sync automatically when you connect the iPhone to your computer. You are able to customize the sync settings in iTunes
To disconnect the iPhone from your computer click on the eject icon within iTunes, your phone will now be in a state to disconnect it from the computer. The phone can be disconnected at anytime, however if you disconnect it while a sync is in progress then some data may be lost until the next time you connect the iPhone to your computer. If you receive a call during the sync, the sync is then cancelled and you can disconnect the phone to answer the call. Connect the iPhone after the call to finish the sync and finish installing your new setting to the iPhone.
We do advise that all iPhones should be well protected so the use of iPhone 4 skins or iPhone 3gs cases are highly recommended when you have run the set up. This prevents unforseen damage to your new iPhone and you are able to add your own identity to your iPhone.
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