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iPhone 3GS Insurance - Don't Pay High Street Prices!

Have you checked how much iPhone 3GS insurance is if you purchase through your high street provider? I almost fell off my seat when they told me that it was 15 pounds per month. Crazy! That's more than one third of my total contract price. Problem is I refused to pay it, and then lost my iPhone 3GS the following week. Wow, that was a costly mistake.
I don't want you guys to fall into the same trap that I did, but i also understand if you don't want to pay the ludicrous high street provider amount per month. Well read on guys - every single word within this article I believe is iPhone 3GS insurance gold if there is such a thing! There is no doubt I can save you a lot of money and save you the heartache that was felt when I lost my iPhone without insurance!
1. Go with an independent online insurance product - Guys, when you type in 'iPhone 3GS insurance' into Google there are over 19,000 results. Don't pay the high street prices. Get onto Google and do a bit of research. Things to look out for include 'no tie in period' and 24 hour replacement handset service. For example, you don't want to have to pay for 12 months and then find out you are not happy, and not be able to cancel. I believe if you do your research correctly the will save up to 50% on high street provider prices.
2. Talk to your bank about what your premium account can offer - Did you know that many premium accounts (Lloyds TSB springs to mind) offer complimentary iPhone 3GS insurance? Its hard to believe isn't it, especially in this day and age when the banks are really despised. Personally I don't like this option as much as 'number 1' because they will find anyway possible to reduce your claim, or stall it. They are, after all, banks, and they have to look after the bottom line. One thing to check also, is how much they actually cover. A new iPhone 3Gs costs in the region of £600 and they probably wont cover you for the entire amount. Still though, its a pretty good service for free!
3. Home Contents Insurance - If you are a home owner you will definitely have contents insurance for when someone breaks into your home, or when something breaks down. Within this policy will be a 'personal effects' category and within that, your mobile phone should be insured up to a certain point. Again, you will need to check how much this amount is, and you will also check that your no claims bonus will not be affected. I actually purchased 'no claims bonus' protection for a nominal amount per month. Its a nice little loophole, but unfortunately they will make you fill out a mountain of paperwork usually.
What do you think people? I bet most of you didn't know about these cool little loopholes. As I have mentioned, its not rocket science, however I am hoping they will save you a lot of money, even though they vary in amount saved.

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