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iPhone 5 Must Have Features

Techies and geeks can't wait to get their hands on the yet to be launched iPhone 5. This latest addition to the powerful smart phone line from iPhone is rumored to be released in October 2011.
There's a lot of hype about the features that the iPhone 5 will supposedly showcase. Among the much anticipated upgrade is in the appearance of the phone. The company is expected to release the smart phones in two colors: a white and black version. It is expected that iPhone 5 will have a change in the casing material, being in favor of an aluminum housing instead of the usual aluminosilicate glass that the iPhone 4 sports. Changing the backing material will further lighten the new handset. The back part of the housing supposedly tapers at corners for a more comfortable feel. When it comes to the problematic antenna design, the iPhone 5 is expected to address the signal degradation that iPhone 4 users experienced when the phone is gripped in certain ways. The location of the antenna is likely to be changed in an area that will not be covered whenever calls are made.
The LCD backlit display screen size of 3.5 in iPhone 4 is supposedly another feature that the new model will retain. In case iPhone 5 will get a screen size upgrade, users will probably get a compromise ranging from 3.7 to 4.0.
The main processor that will probably power the new iPhone 5 will be the dual-core A5 ARM Cortex-A9 CPU chip. This chip is the same ones used by iPad2 to handle multiple tasks at once with twice the speed and efficiency. This feature could also boost the viewing capability of applications that are heavy on graphics.
If ever the iPhone 5 will use the A5 processor, it is highly probable that the phone will debut with the iOS 5.0 operating system for mobile phones. The OS supports multi-touch capability so that users can directly manipulate applications by zooming or scrolling with just a tap of a fingertip. The iOS 5.0 reportedly has 200 new features including iMessage, Reading List, News Stand, and many more. The use of the iOS 5.0 in iPhone 5 will keep these smart phones ahead of its Blackberry competitor.
Another feature expected to be included in iPhone 5 is the recently announced iCloud computing and storage service. The iCloud will enable users to remotely access applications, documents, photos, music, contacts, and other information on their phones.
As for the camera, techies are awaiting an upgrade in the 5 MP resolution of preceding iPhone handsets. There is a big possibility that iPhone 5 will use an 8 MP built-in camera to deliver stunning photos that are just as intense as the real thing. Many assume that the iPhone 5 will retain the ability of the iPhone 4 to capture excellent pictures even with limited light source.
Finally, speculations have indicated that the iPhone 5 will include Near Field Communications (NFC) support. This aspect enables customers to use their phones to make purchases instead of the usual credit card.
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