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Some Basics About the Apple iPhone 4S

There was a lot of buzz as people anticipated the announcement of the Apple iPhone 5. However, when the time came and the release of a new iPhone model was announced, a lot of people were disappointed. Apparently, it's not the iPhone 5. What people can expect though from the visionary brand in the first parts of the last quarter of 2011 is the iPhone 4S. Do people really have a reason for being disappointed? Well, not if Siri has anything to say about it.
Who's Siri?
Siri is the intelligent assistant that every iPhone 4S has. It's voice-operated so you really simply just talk to your iPhone to get things done. Need an umbrella? Looking for burgers? Having trouble finding the nearest ATM? Just ask Siri. Siri understands what you mean and goes to work figuring out the right applications to use in order to give you the answer you need. Like any personal assistant, Siri is also capable of making phone calls, sending messages, scheduling meetings, setting reminders, and more.
Other features
If you visit the Apple page for the iPhone 4S, it would tell you that the phone was picking up where amazing left off. This means the iPhone 4S still had pretty much everything that made the iPhone 4 amazing. For starters, the phone is running on a dual-core processor for even more power, with an 8MP camera that shoots HD video, powered by the latest iOS and supporting iCloud services. Everything's clearer to look at too with the revolutionary Retina display. FaceTime is still there so you can make face-to-face calls with your loved ones and built-in applications that can do pretty much everything are also in place. With Apple TV, you can take advantage of wirelessly streaming your content to your HDTV from your iPhone via a feature known as AirPlay. Similar to the AirPlay is the AirPrint, a feature that lets you print documents from your Phone or web pages, photos, and email by utilizing wireless connections over Wi-Fi. No software to download. No cables. No drives. Just you, your iPhone, and your printouts.
Make better calls
The iPhone 4S is indeed a very, very smart smartphone. However, it doesn't forget that it is first and foremost a mobile phone, and mobile phones are made for making calls. This is why Apple made it a point to make sure that your iPhone 4S will indeed make it possible for you to make phone calls almost anywhere you are by fitting it with a feature that lets this iPhone switch intelligently between antennas when receiving and transmitting, resulting into better call quality.
Connect better
The iPhone 4S ability to switch antennas also helps it double the max data speeds that an HSDPA connection can offer so you are able to go online faster. From 7.2Mbps with the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S is now able to enjoy speeds of up to 14.4Mbps. Pretty impressive, right? And speaking of better connections, the iPhone 4S is what they would call as a world phone because it can tap into the GSM networks of 200 countries around the globe.
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