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what is android

App Development offers a great scope for the experienced developer, where a greenhorn can also pick up his threads to make better use of this mobile app development platform. The Android SDK offers the needed APIs and tools to get started and develop applications by making use of Java programming language on this platform. There are several features and factors that catapult Android into getting hailed as an ideal platform for developing applications.

Why Android?

First and foremost, the developer who is keen to venture into Android App Development can make use of this open source without any strings attached to the usage. While getting involved in Android App Development, the adaptability of Android can be put to optimal use to reach a wider audience as this platform fits well into all types of devices. 

What about the Android system?

For this type of Mobile App Development, Android System offers a virtual development environment. To get started with the Android App Development, this platform provides an absolute software stack that comes with the operating system, which is based upon the Linux 2.6 kernel, a middle-layer in the form of application framework, and a set related to C/C++ libraries that get used by different components belonging to the system, where the ardent developer can access this set as well as some core applications.

While getting launched with the Android App Development venture, Linux 2.6 kernel that finds a place at the heart of the operating system, converts this platform into a safe option. Each application created through Android App Development program runs in a safe-box, as the unique user ID afforded by the operating software and the unique process converts Android into a unique and a virtual machine to embark upon this sort of mobile app development.

What about application components?

While a developer is keen to plunge into the Android App Development, there are four distinct parts pertaining to an application that demands his attention. These get referred to as Application Components, and they get recognized as Activities, Services, Content Providers, and that of Broadcast Receivers components.

The Activities happen to be a single window that comes with the user interface, and an application related to this kind of mobile app development, can comprise of many activities built to achieve a specific objective. Services tend to represent the background processes that can run for the entire execution period related to an application. Broadcast Receivers are but listeners for application broadcasts and system broadcasts, and Content Providers tend to fill in the role of data storage providers as that of file, databases, web storage and other forms.

With Android, developers can find a safe platform, and with the various features and factors that offer a great scope, Android App Development can yield applications that can withstand the test of time.
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