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The White Apple iPhone 4S Now Has Identical Deals to the Black iPhone 4S

For the first time since Apple introduced the iPhone to the market consumers can choose between either black or white iPhone 4S deals as the manufacturer released both colour schemes at the same time.
With the previous iPhone 4, the white model was not available for a full seven months after the release of the black edition leaving many bewildered customers wanting the newer white edition but unable to buy it as they were still tied to a minimum term contract deal.
This has all changed with the release of iPhone 4S deals for both black and white models being launched at the same time, these pay monthly contract deals are exactly the same for both colour schemes unlike many other rival handsets which ask a premium for a white edition.
We see this with the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S2 white which is a full £30 more expensive to buy as a pay as you go phone than the original black edition of the same handset, in the case of the black and white iPhone 4S all deals are matched across both models.
The reason that there is usually a price difference between different colour schemes of the same phone is usually down to what are known as 'exclusive launch periods', this is when a retailer or network secures an agreement with the manufacturer to solely sell a certain colour of a particular phone.
These exclusive release periods usually last no more than 30 days, however some networks have managed to secure complete rights over specific colour schemes as seen with the Midnight Blue Blackberry Curve 9300 from 3 Mobile and the White Sony Ericsson Xperia Play from O2.
With no networks or retailers even being offered exclusive rights to sell either one of the Apple iPhone 4S colour schemes consumers can now enjoy exactly the same deals across all available networks for both models.
As it currently stands, this means that a 16GB iPhone 4S in either colour can be ordered free of charge from just £40.85 line rental on the T-Mobile network, this is the cheapest deal that includes a free handset, competing offers from both Orange and Vodafone offer the iPhone 4S free at £41 whilst 3 Mobile asks for £43 per month.
Both the black and white editions of the latest iPhone cost the retailers and the networks the same wholesale price which is dictating these matching deals across both colour schemes, this is unlikely to change which means that consumers will always have the option of buying either model without any premium to put them off.
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