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So it is approaching Summer of 2011 and if you're anything like me you've held out pretty much as long as you can hold out, waiting for what's going to be the hottest phone for the next good little while. My first true smart phone was the original 8GB iPhone in 2007, back when it was the "Silver-back Big Boy." Before that I had a Motorola Q, which was the smart phone of an earlier time, but didn't really hold a flame to what is now considered a smart phone. Having the newest hottest phone is something that started in high school for me (2001); I was one of the first kids on the block with a huge text messaging plan, custom full-audio ring tones, and Sprint's version of mobile web (Vision I think?). After having the Touch Point it's been steps up only from there.

So, in having the iPhone, I literally loved everything about it. It was not only a sexy phone, but a useful one. Built-in map and GPS, high-quality email capability, and what seemed then like the closest a phone could get to a real web-browser; it was a dream. Obviously, the progression that the iPhone has made over the years only expanded on its original key features and it's even more impressive than before. Unfortunately, it's no longer leaps and bounds ahead of every other phone on the market; before, not only was it the sexiest phone, but no other phone could touch its features, today, not so much. Now I'm left debating: Do I want to continue with the sexy design, stable/reliable OS that I know and trust, and widest compatibility with after-market products? Or move on to the newer, open, growing, innovative platform from a company that I love more than just about any other company on the planet (Google, which I love; opposed to Apple that I admire and appreciate, but kind of dislike), with handsets that have 4G NOW, do everything an iPhone can do and more, and who seem to be just scratching the surface of what they're capable of? And lastly, what about Blackberry; are they going to catch-up and if so, when; and is BBM worth being FAR behind the curve (no pun intended) in technology?
Oh Blackberry, I have also grown to love you as well; for entirely different reasons than the iPhone of course. iPhone is the hot blonde girlfriend I've had for a good little while now, but we always have something in the way of us taking the next step; you're the beautiful, sweet brunette with cute square-framed glasses, that's smart and charming, that I met in my Internet Marketing program. We get along so great, you totally get me, but I'm not sure if we'd work out long-term; it seems you prefer a much more simple life, yet I have huge goals and aspirations and prefer the fast-life. Do you think you can handle a life with me in the fast lane? Well, Blackberry, CAN YOU?
After having the iPhone for a while, I purchased an 8530, then the 9330, and never got around to the full-featured 9650; I've learned what the craze was about Blackberry, and more specifically "BBM." But being so far behind in technology and sex-appeal started to get to me after a while. I was "used-to" the iPhone now: touch screen didn't wow me anymore, apps smapps, I want to try something new, grown-up, business-like. Blackberry fulfilled my expectations, even exceeding them in some aspects, but it's Summer 2011 and I have a big plans; the last thing I need is a phone that can't keep up with my constant pix Tweeting, Word Press blogging HD Video shooting, Facebook mobile uploading, international Skype messaging, Adobe Flash site visiting, hotspot internet sharing, cloud-based music listening... need I continue? Blackberry, it looks like we might be great together, just not at this time in my life.
I've been waiting for the Motorola Droid Bionic and have officially gotten over the excitement I had when there was speculation of an early 2011 release. Now the Thunderbolt is looking quite appealing; it's available now, it's 4G, and the tech blog nerds are speculating that dual-core processors are over-kill for at least a year or so... Um, what else would I be waiting for? Not only that, but there's been like 15 Droids released in the past couple of months, one of which I think has dual-core (I'm not going to look that up, it doesn't matter either way), so Bionic you're really losing me fast baby! There was already the question of HTC vs Moto anyway. By and large it seems people are in preference of HTC; I don't know either way because I haven't really played with many Droids, but coming from a Motorola Q way back when, and a few other Moto phones, I'm not so sure I'd dislike Moto as much as the others. The other manufacturers of Droid I haven't paid much attention to; as I have no plans of getting one of the "late to the party trying to catch-up" models, no matter how great of a job they're doing at catching-up.
So if I'm not going to wait, the question becomes which Droid would be the front-runner for me? Easy right? Thunderbolt, duh! Not so fast though. Yes, 4G blah blah blah and everything any Droid on the market can do for the most part, except connect to the not-quite- a-computer-thing. But do I really want to go that high-end right-away? Or do I want to get a mid-level Droid like the Incredible 2, which is still quite sexy and feature packed, but I wouldn't feel quite as bad scrapping it in a few months if something amazing comes out like say 'er an iPhone5 or lord-willing even better; I can't even imagine such a product! The Incredible 2 is a sexy little beast, I actually like it's look, feel, and weight better than the Thunderbolt; but not having 4G when I live and am in a 4G capable area over 85% of my usage-time is a pretty big mark to miss. At this point it's looking like three possibilities: Thunderbolt, iPhone4, or Incredible 2 (don't even speak to me about Droid X, that phone is hideous, I don't care if it could keep me company at night, I have standards).
Now, that I've pretty much removed Blackberry from the running for now (your technological short-comings are too vast to choose you; I'd be choosing you for nothing more than brand loyalty and bbm, and we just don't have that kind of history), narrowed my choices down to two Droids (Thunderbolt and Incredible 2) and the iPhone4, the question comes down to which one of these? This is where I'm somewhat stuck, and ultimately I'm thinking that it's going to come down to price. I'm not eligible for an upgrade, so I'll be purchasing pre-owned or full-retail. If I can't find a suitable pre-owned, the iPhone4 and Thunderbolt are immediately eliminated; I will not be spending $600 on a phone this Summer, I'll much rather enjoy an extra week out of the country. So far I've found a couple Thunderbolts for a little less than $400, a couple of iPhone4 for the same, and only one Incredible 2 for $350; with these prices it's for sure Thunderbolt or iPhone4; and with what I mentioned about 4G and open platform I think Thunderbolt wins.


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