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The competition for the iPhone market is gearing up as both Verizon and AT&T plan to battle it out for the hearts and minds of consumers in the wake of the recent announcement that Verizon will begin selling the popular smart phone mobile device in early February of 2011. Effectively putting an end to AT&T's monopoly over the iPhone market, this plan marks a clear step forward for both consumers and the electronics community.

Verizon is starting off swinging, with new features and the enticing possibility of improved service through its CDMA network. But the most exciting possibility may be an unlimited data plan, which could very well attract a great deal of attention from customers. The Wall Street Journal reported on the 9th of January that Verizon may plan to aggressively push an unlimited data plan as an alternative to AT&T's plans, which may be slightly less expensive but are very tightly capped.

Verizon originally began experimenting with an unlimited data plan for selected smart phones back in April of 2008, and such plans by Verizon as well as other companies have been a very popular option among many consumers. Surveys have shown that consumers tend to prefer these kinds of unlimited data plans for their smart phones, so this could be a very profitable offer for Verizon to keep on the table.

Some have suggested, though, that this may be a risky strategy if it turns out that Verizon's CDMA network is unable to keep up with the demand of users migrating over to their services en masse. These concerns may be a little overblown; however, as such a scenario seems to be a little too unrealistically optimistic about Verizon's impending impact. It's safe to predict, though, that both Verizon and Apple will greatly benefit from this change in the marketplace.

The unlimited data plan isn't all as it seems, though. Data plans for use of the 3G and 4G mobile broadband continue to be capped, and while the "unlimited" plan doesn't set a specific cap, Verizon does reserve the right to interfere if a customer generates more than 5 gigabytes worth of bandwidth. This serves basically as a cap by another name, but it's a much higher cap than other plans and may therefore still be considered a worthwhile alternative by the community of iPhone enthusiasts.
AT&T has, as of yet, shown no inclination to offer any form of unlimited data plan. The telecommunication company's current maximum offering is capped at 2 gigabytes per month for a monthly payment of twenty five dollars. Plans change, however, and AT&T may eventually find itself in a position where offering such a plan to consumers becomes an attractive option for bringing in new subscribers.
We will have to wait until February to see how everything plays out, but it's certain to be an interesting show. iPhone users are cautiously optimistic that this will all result in a greater range of service and selection for their favorite smart phone mobile device.
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