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iOS 6 Beta 2

Latest iOS 6 Beta 2 Hits Developers

Two weeks back, during the WWDC, Apple announced iOS 6. Following that event, registered developers got access to the beta, giving us our first hands-on look at the newly refreshed platform. Now Apple’s ready with its first follow-up to that initial release, starting distribution of iOS 6 beta 2.

Based on the release notes that have been made available, it looks like Apple’s implemented quite a few bugfixes that address issues existing in the first beta. Quite a few of those work on improving the operation of Apple’s Game Center; iMessage also sees a couple bugs squashed, as does PassBook and the Movie Player. On the UI side, keyboard sound effects now shouldn’t cut-out when typing quickly, and the keyboard will more gracefully handle device rotation.
Users also report some icon changes; when installing the update itself, the gears icon now animates. We’ve also heard that the default Weather app now changes its icon to reflect what the actual weather’s like.
As developers start to play around with this release, we may get to hear about some even more interesting changes hidden away in iOS 6 beta 2. In the coming weeks, we’ll be getting additional opportunities like this one, as Apple continues to release more iOS 6 betas.
Update: We’ve already started hearing about some of these new features. There’s a new toggle for sharing Photo Streams, new icons to reflect Twitter’s recent redesign, and a new option for controlling Reading List cellular data usage.
Source: Apple
Via: 9to5 Mac

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